Our Story

Hello! I'm Melanie...

At Coverroo, we’ve been busy bringing up a young family of three girls (Jessica, who’s nine, Bella, who’s four and our youngest, Nellie, who’s 18 months old) and we found we were always facing the same problem when it came to feeding in the pram – those dreaded crumbs, spills and stains.

I’d been thinking about a way to avoid all the mess ever since we had Jessica but never seemed to have the time to put my plan into action. With our other two girls, meal times always resulted in the not-so-fun task of cleaning the mess that somehow got everywhere. We got to the point where we dreaded feeding them pureed vegetables all because of one horrible stain we couldn’t get out of the pram! I was at the end of my tether.

So, my husband Frank and I set about designing and creating the Prambib as a way to make feeding away from home stress and mess-free. That’s when our company was born.

It was through creating this product that we wanted to help make mealtime more enjoyable for other families with babies, and save them cleaning the pram, taking the seat out to give it a wash, removing baby food stains from clothing or bibs afterwards, or even avoid feeding their tot in the pram entirely.

We also thought about how, when it comes to meal times, it’s not always convenient to stop and take your little one out of the pushchair, or how hard it can be to resist giving your baby a snack! Or maybe, like us, you sometimes just need to pop into a café for lunch or a quick coffee without having to worry about getting hold of a high chair. We certainly speak from experience – plus, we thought to double up the pram as a high chair was a genius idea!

Our UK-designed products are focused on quality and functional form so that you can be sure of having something that will accompany your baby from the early years of munching on pureed food right through to the time when they start to feed themselves.

So, there you have it, an intuitive way to keep your pram clean!

Melanie x

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