Customer Reviews

  • As a mum of three, I’ve had my fair share of messy meals out. We used to have to strip my middle child down every time he ate, as he would get his food EVERYWHERE! 
    With toddler #3 we discovered the Prambib and it’s been brilliant! It fits the pushchair, high chair and even the car seat, for those times when we’ve picnicked in the car to avoid the rain... Crumbs and mess just peel off with the bib and leave my daughter (and her clothes) mess-free and the pushchair / high chair / car seat crumb-free too! 
    A quick shake and it fits back in the bag, ready for next time. So clever!
  • I have a pram in for my 7 month old and have been using it for around a month now at there is litterally nothing it can’t do 🙌🏻 I use it over the pram so my pram is pristine, I use on high hair, BUMBO and every the jumperoo 😂 seriously amazing and everybody needs one thank you so much for such a great invention pram Bibs xxx
  • I have just bought this for my almost 7 month old and it’s a god send. Can finally let him have snacks and water in his pram which makes life so much easier when we’re out and about! Would definitely recommend! 
  • The bib looks great, is easy to put on and does it’s job to prevent our daughters clothes and pushchair being stained.
  • It arrived on time and nicely packaged. I bought it for my 16 month old daughter who was a bridesmaid so she didn't make a mess on her dress during the meals, Not a drop of food on her ! Love that I could use it in her pushchair for snacks in the day and on the Highchair when we sat down for the  main meal. Can’t recommend it enough! 
    Jasmine browny    
    • It covers the gap between your baby and the pushchair or highchair and contains all the food. Messy mealtimes and multiple clothes changes a day are a thing of the past. 🙌
      Marianne Taylor    
      • Stacey Conner
        Excellent product - washes well, the flower bib looks pretty and covers and protects a very messy toddler. A must have item!”  
        Stacey Conner   
        • Lisa ❤️
          Fab fab fab invention for messy eaters! My boy loves his food but this keeps mealtimes and snacks hassle free. Thoroughly recommend this product!”  
          Lisa ❤️   
          • Jaine
            Brilliant!! They are easy to clean and they dry quickly!! Best bib to buy if you doing baby led weaning!!”  grin
          • This bib will change mealtimes when your out! My son loves putting it on and it means he can be as messy as he likes enjoying his food and it doesn't go on his clothes, so less changes for me, and less washing. The bib itself is easy to wash off and drys quickly I'd really recommend it!